Letter to the Editor by Ambassador Sedat Önal, published in The Jordan Times on November 6, 2015

Sedat Önal 06.11.2015



I am writing with regard to two articles published in The Jordan Times on
November 5, 2015 on the general elections in Turkey. These articles are titled:
“Bad news for Turkey, this region and international community” and “Why the
West should worry about Turkey”.

I was disappointed not only with the heavily biased and irrationally
subjective content of these articles about Turkey, but also with the manner in
which these two articles were published in the Opinion and Analysis page of The
Jordan Times on the same day, as if they alone reflected the agreed opinion of
the international community regarding elections in Turkey. This configuration
misrepresents reality and compromises the objectivity of your distinguished

As it is true with similar comments about elections in Turkey, the main
deficiency of these articles is the total lack of acknowledgement of the fact
that these elections were held in a free and democratic environment, and that
as such the results should be respected by all as the expression of the will of
the people. These elections have once again proved that Turkey is a
constitutional democracy where the principles of transparency and rule of law
are upheld.

Contrary to the reprehensible allegations in the above-mentioned articles,
it is the terrorist organisation PKK that resumed acts of terrorism against
Turkey, and it was the unity and integrity of Turkey that was targeted by the
Daesh-affiliated suicide bombers in Ankara. And it is the brutal aggression of
the Syrian regime against its own people and the failure and procrastination of
the international community to stop the resulting bloodshed that plunged Syria
into a protracted crisis.

As for Turkey, not only has it been accommodating more than 2 million
Syrian refugees at a great cost and national sacrifice, but also tackling the
fallout of the crisis in terms of combating the Daesh and PKK terrorism. As
such, Turkey remains an indispensable stakeholder in finding a viable political
solution to the Syrian crisis and constructively contributes to international
efforts towards this end.

Sedat Önal
Ambassador of Turkey

Pazar - Perşembe

09:00 - 12:00

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